SPK Valo is a design practice which works with light. Headed by Principal Lighting designer Kunal Shah who has a master in Architecrual Lighting Design From KTH Institute Of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Kunal is well travelled and has a work experience internationally.


Our mission is to create superior, expressive and responsible visual environments around us, while doing so making sure that we use the energy on the merit and not waste it!


We believe in the concept of “Think global, act local”. Be it a space of any scale or a product we believe in developing its own expression. We make it a point to keep our self updated with the latest trends by taking up travels and taking continual education credits.


We are young and extremely passionate about what we do! We get associated with light in all the possible ways, we use light to create visual environments which are not just about aesthetics but which influences humans in further deeper levels physically, biologically and psychologically.


Keeping in mind the challenges of the 21st century predominantly energy, we strive to justify the energy used for each space depending on the needs and design goals. We also get actively involved in developing products with light which don’t just have to be a “light fixture”.


Architectural Lighting Design

We deliver Architectural lighting design on projects of various scales from residential to Hospitality to Urban design with both “Day light” and “Electric Light” design as per the demand of the project.

Product design (Light related)

We work on products which we believe can bring an expression of its own to the society. In an age where products are being rapidly globalized and lose their identity we work on bringing an identity to the product.

Talks on Lighting Design

We actively work on creating awareness on this relatively new discipline in this part of the world. We hold talks in Universities, Design offices and various institutions interested in knowing how light can create a superior visual surrounding and what benefits does it contribute to us.